Morning Rides are the Best Rides

    If there’s one thing that’s irreplaceable about Australia, it is its numerous terrains for riding bikes. I don’t know if you know this, but its land area is around 7.7 million km2, so it’s perfect for land-based sports. There are so many tracks, trails, and parks to choose from – all that hot, dry land should definitely be made use of!

    When I first took up biking, I didn’t bike every day, but I always made sure to explore different terrains and went to ride on a different track each time. But, over time, as I started biking more often, I started revisiting some of the tracks and some became my favorites.

    It took a while to develop a routine. I often went riding after hours of preparation, and I usually would go with my friend, Nathan, and sometimes some other friends of his would join us, so we never got to ride before noon, and it would always be early evening before we finally got our helmets on and hit the road. I’d look at my watch (shout out to Patrick for the advice) and it’d be, like, 12:30 pm, and then next time it’s 6:30 pm, and we’d have to head home.

    So now I’m slowly getting into the habit of getting up at sunrise, around 5:30 am, and by 7-7:30 am I’m ready to roll. I realized that morning rides are special, much more refreshing. Nathan sometimes joins me if he has the time. We both have flexible jobs, so we can work around it. Even if I have some errands to run on days I go biking, I still have time to catch up on them later. If I go for a quick ride, no long breaks, no nothing, it doesn’t take me more than two-two and a half hours at most.

    Now that I have found my favorite trails and I’m more familiar with riding in general, it’s much easier to accommodate myself and plan my day ahead. I’ve been going to ACUSA Park a lot lately. It’s located in the Adelaide Hills and it’s very versatile. It has four natural terrain tracks of firm-packed red earth, and it’s great for riders of all skill levels. I also like the Gillman MX Track, behind the Gillman Speedway, which is less than 50 km away from ACUSA. It’s gritty and there are some great views there.

    And, yeah, rise and shine, and get your helmet on – you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure!

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