Great Ride Today

    Mountain biking is a great sport for thrills and chills. I presume you know the experience or are about to. Consider this blog an introductory ride. Most areas of Australia have great trails, even if you have to leave the city to find them. But as we know, the country is full of wide open spaces. I can go far and wide for new adventures. Meanwhile I train and get prepared to take on the best. I do it for recreation in the interim, often with friends.

    The last time, we had an extraordinary time. Too bad it ended in a spill in the mud. It had rained the night before. I saturated my clothes and was covered in goo from head to toe.  I wasn’t sure even a hot shower would do the job. It would have to be super long – and really tax the hot water heater and empty the tank. When I told my friend he laughed. “Our water heater is tankless!” he exclaimed. “What? Will there be any hot water when we hit your house?” Of course, silly. Tankless doesn’t mean no water. It produces what we need when we need it. Here, read more about it!” he said, as he shoved his phone in my face. “Really,” I questioned, fascinated.

    He was right of course. There was plenty of water to make us squeaky clean. There is nothing like a cleansing spray of intense, hot water. And we didn’t run out as I feared. We then sat watching some biker videos and planned our next course. Always looking for a challenge, we called some friends and arranged a powwow to discuss options. In the next blog, I will recount where we went. Hopefully, there will be no mud—only white clouds and a blue sky on the horizon!

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