The Great Vic

    One thing I really want to try is the Great Vic ride. I want to do the longest one, which currently sits at 9 days and 541 km. It is on the pricier side – there is the ride itself, food, supplies, and all the gear that makes it financially intimidating. Nobody I know is actually concerned about the length of the ride. Whether they can handle that distance or not will remain to be seen, because unfortunately it has been hard to sway friends to come with me. While I am sure I would be fine doing it by myself, it would certainly be more fun with other people along. Maybe next year!

    I know they offer shorter distances that significantly cut the price of the trip down. But it also significantly cuts down on the amount of riding you do. You also get less time in each place, which is a bit of a bummer. The 5-day ride starts with the riders who are going for the full 9 days and stops halfway through. The 3-day trip joins up with the 9-day crew toward the end of their ride.  I just feel like if I am going to do the Great Vic, I want to do the whole thing, you know? I want to get the full experience! Of course, the ride won’t be exactly the same next year, but maybe it will be even better than this one.

    This year it is going to start in Bright, right near a great craft brewery. That’s my kind of start to a ride! From there it will go all over the place. Riders get to go through a bunch of different towns — some known for their shops or history, others for their MTB friendly trails. You get plenty of time to explore the different places, too, as not every day is spent riding. It is also an incentive to get to each location quickly, I guess. You can eat at great restaurants, swim in local lakes, or brush up on your history at a museum. Plus you’re camping, which is cool.

    The landscape changes along the route, which keeps the ride from getting monotonous. There’s hills and plains, farmland and rivers. You get to ride it all. The terrain can’t be too difficult, though, because they let kids ride it. The Great Vic is a great way to for me to see a part of the country I am not all that familiar with. I like the idea of a ride this long through a place I don’t know well. I have done some of my own riding around on trails and made sure I can hit those kinds of distances back-to-back the way the days were broken up. Now I just have to get the money and a friend or two to head out with and I’ll be set to go the next time.

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