So there was a trail I hadn’t been on yet, and I probably should have waited a couple more days so the trail would dry out a little more before I headed out on it. I figured I have done this a million times and I’d be fine. It should come as no surprise that I made a few mistakes thanks to my stupid attitude. I should have known better. Much better. But you know, it has been a bit since I was able to get out there and I was getting a little crazy. And when we get a little crazy, we make mistakes. Today my confidence got the better of me and I might be paying for it for a while.

    Ok, you probably know where this story is going and it is not entirely pretty. So I’m taking the trail and it going fine and then I get to a patch that is a little more muddy than the rest, probably because it is more shaded than the rest of the trail so far. I misjudged a turn, like we all do from time to time. My back tire lost traction and when I tried to correct it, I skidded out a bit. There was a hill there and I got a little nervous because I was a bit close to the edge. Luckily, though, there was a tree there. I slammed into it and it stopped my momentum. On a normal day, slamming your knee into a tree is a huge bummer, but I will take that to careening down a hill just about any time.

    In other good news, I managed to stay on my bike. Because I hit the tree with my own body and not my bike, there was not a whole lot of damage to my bike. That would have caused all kinds of issues. Hooray for that!

    I managed to get myself off the trail and limped back to my car. It was slow going but I was not in any kind of rush so it did not matter to me when I got home. There were some other riders there just about to head out and they helped me get my bike strapped to my car and made sure I was OK. I told them sure, it looked worse than it really was. I actually didn’t know that at the time but they were looking a little nervous and so that sent them on their way. I have a first aid kit in the car to clean myself up with and it did look a little better after that.

    I drove home carefully because it had really started to hurt. I got myself in the house and now I’m sitting here with some ice on my knee, a match on TV and a beer. I am going to convince my roommate to grab dinner tonight and I’ll be all set. We’ll see how my knee feels in the morning. It is just bruised up and scraped on the one side, so I doubt it is a big deal.

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