Day: September 18, 2018

    Dirt Bikes!

    While I like riding my mountain bike a lot and that’s primarily what I do, I am also a fan of dirt bikes. It is all the fun of riding a bike but without nearly as much physical effort.There are some other differences, though.

    For example, dirt bikes can potentially be more damaging to the area you’re riding. There has been a smart push toward eco-friendly dirt bike riding. Personally, I make sure that dirt bikes are actually permitted on the trails I want to ride because I don’t want to scare off wildlife or run over some rare plant by accident. Some places allow both mountain and dirt bikes and some places are strictly one or the other. So it really depends on what you’re into and where you feel like going. I usually prefer tracks and moto parks to nature trails, which is sort of the opposite of the way I like to ride my mountain bike. To each his own, though. You might want to see some farmland or some plains zip by as you ride. You can just do what I do, poke around online for a bit and you’re sure to find a place that will fit your needs. There certainly are a lot of places to go, so no worries there.

    I find that I wear more protective gear when riding a dirt bike. That’s just common sense. The faster you’re capable of going, the more damage you can do to yourself if you crash. I’ll ride my mountain bike with shorts on without thinking twice about it, but I would much rather have my full legs covered while on the dirt bike. I also have a better helmet for that bike. I want a helmet cam for it. Maybe one day.

    I also have insurance for my dirt bike. It was a bit of a pain and I certainly had to look around to find somebody to do it. Not every company does the same way they have motorcycle insurance, and not every company supplies insurance that is actually worth anything. Again, it is a speed thing. I am way more likely to destroy my dirt bike if I wipe out on it than on my mountain bike. I haven’t had to use it yet but it is nice to have.

    I have a bit less of an understanding on all the parts to my dirt bike, as there is a lot more of them than my mountain bike. Therefore my mountain bike is much easier for me to work on by myself. I’ve got to take the dirt bike to a mechanic if something is wrong and it is not very obvious right away what it is. I am gradually learning how to take the thing apart and put it back together like I can with my mountain bike, but I am not quite to the point where I know everything yet.

    What about you? Do you have a preference between mountain and dirt bikes?