Avidemux - Video editing - Simon's cheating method.
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Author:  Simon [ Sun 21 Nov, 2010 4:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Avidemux - Video editing - Simon's cheating method.

This post has been heavily edited by Pneumatic

Download Avidmux from here:


Its free :wav

This program will only clip your vid you cannot add text or music etc.

BUT It does not re-ecode the video so it is very quick and you do not loose any video quality at all. So what you see off the cam should be (almost.....) what you see on Vimeo / Youtube

Download page is here;

This guide was written for version 2.5.4. A friend has just tried to use this program and was getting "too short" errors. Apparently this is common with the new 2.6 version of the program. For this reason they still have the old 2.5.6 version available for download on the website. I would recommend using the older version as we know it worked with the GoPro.

download.png [ 73.69 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

Now if you are using a Go Pro...

1 - Open avidemux

2 - Under format you MUST MUST MUST change this to MP4 unfortunatly it will still work but the audio will be stuffed (and iff like me you only check After uploading you will have to do it again BangHead )

mp4.png [ 35.36 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

3 - Click on the folder on the left hand side and select the file you want to clip. If editing a GoPro file you may get the H.264 detected message shown below, just say YES

h264.png [ 41.54 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

4 - to clip you need to move the cursor to the start point and click on the "B" button It will highlight everything Before the cursor (everything to be deleted)

5 - Then click on edit, then click on delete. Everything highlighted blue on the timeline will delete.

bmarker.png [ 91.35 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

6 - Then go to the last part of your vid IE where you want it to end, click on the "A" Button to highlight everything after the cursor (everything to be deleted)

7 - click on edit, click on delete. Everything highlighted blue on the timeline will delete.

8 - You video should now be trimmed to the middle bit you wanted.

9 - Click file save as (choose a different location/name than the original file), type the new name with the .mp4 extension and the save the file

If you see this error;
keyframe error.png
keyframe error.png [ 19.45 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

Then you may have to move the start point a few times to key a keyframe starting frame. I haven't made sense of which frame is a keyframe, P, I or B frames all seem to sometimes give errors. The most reliable fix I have is to increment the video start point using the dial on the right. This will make the video jump forward a second or so onto what is hopefully a key frame. See below for the dial. You then need to retrim off the start of the video so this new point is the start.

keyframe.png [ 102.71 KiB | Viewed 3560 times ]

YOUR DONE! hello2

Note you can clip with avid mux and then load the clips into a normal editor and use it that way as well. Its another cheat I use.

For a Cam like the Vio POV1 that uses Divx xvd AVI

Change nothing (use the default AVI setting on start-up..

load the clip in Via the folder and use the slider bars down the bottom to shorten the clip and wen you ae happy save the clip adwatch the output in smehig like VLC player ec to check the output.


Dont change the settings under Video and audio that are standard as "copy" I have tried this and never had good results. (you can give it a go and post up if it works for you.)

When you save the file it should be very very quick. That tells you that it is set up correctly.

post up any questions. (about the avidemux....)

Author:  Hori [ Sun 21 Nov, 2010 7:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Video editing Simon's cheating method.

make this a Sticky ??

Author:  pneumatic [ Thu 08 Nov, 2012 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Avidemux - Video editing - Simon's cheating method.

I just went through and cleaned up this thread and added screenshots to Simons post to make it easier to follow. If people still have problems with the newer 2.5.6 version of the program let me know, I have a 2.5.4 (64bit) version I could upload here if people need it.

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