07 KLX250
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Author:  Tri-Polar [ Tue 30 Oct, 2012 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 07 KLX250

Just waiting on the plastic fuel tank, wider pegs, KDX200 snorkel and the new oil filter cover and seals. Then onto the forks.

Author:  Tri-Polar [ Tue 30 Oct, 2012 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 07 KLX250

So i got to work on the old girl today. Made the mistake of removing the carby when i didnt have to for the dial a jet. Just a few happy snaps and comparison shots. Also out of everyone i have talked to no one has heard of a "DIal a jet" so iv done up a few photos of the install and some info on it. I have also so far shaved approx 5.6KG of body fat of the old girl. Thats still before i switch the metal tank to the plastic one and remove the stock dash and put a trail tech set up in there.

New slip on installed as well as the mud guard removed and number plate located on the fender.

This is a comparison of the KLX250 (left) and KDX200 (right) snorkels for the air box.

As for the DIal-a-jet. I had to order this from Thunder products from the states. No one made or imported anything like this here. However i ordered it and thought i would have been better with the intelijet.
Dial-A-Jet is like adding fuel injection to your carburetor that you can richen or lean by turning a dial.
More Horse Power - Excellent Running Quality
Optimizes Fuel - Easy Installation
Rejet in seconds with a click of the patented 5 position jet dial
Allows you to run in a broad temperature or altitude range without rejetting
Automatically compensates for: air density, motor load, and fuel quality

More info: http://www.thunderproducts.com/dial_a_jet.htm

As i mentioned earlier, i removed the carby to install this. I then found out after fitting it all, i did not have to.
It gets its fuel from replacing the drain screw with its own with a barb fitting:

Then it runs through a one way check valve to stop the fuel from going back to the bowl which means theirs always going to be fuel there when you need it:

The "dial" for it is then installed either into your carby directly (means drilling and tapping stuff) or straight into the air duct before the carby.

Because of the off-road nature of the bike, i also opted for the snorkel kit with has its own filter to keep water/dirt/dust out of the air:

And just 2 more pics of the kit and the dial:

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