Stuffed Knee
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Author:  Frank400 [ Wed 16 Dec, 2009 9:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stuffed Knee

Cheers peoples for the good thoughts.

Please don't think this is going to stop me from riding... N F W. OK the time between rides might have to extend a bit to rest up. Might not try to stand as much either.... hang on..never stood up much anyway.

Yep Mark, I think I will have to look for better knee braces.

Thanks Donna, I will try the options you have there. With regards to "alkaline your system" what time duration doing that do you suggest ?

Started on the bike already Moby.

Rocket, Thats exactly one of the options, ride a pushbike, the physio suggested. Have to strenghten the quads more. I will also cut back to the physical training I have been doing.

Trying to make the ride this weekend so will see most of you there. Also taking the bike down to the mid north coast NSW over Xmas where we used to live. Going to see if I can remember the tracks from 15 years ago. I will try to do a report on here.

thanks again

Author:  Paul450X [ Wed 16 Dec, 2009 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stuffed Knee

Frank400 wrote:
. With regards to "alkaline your system" what time duration doing that do you suggest ?

Indefinately :lol:
Try making it a habit.......Paul throws half a lime into his drink bottle each day. Our diet is mostly acid....causes all sorts of problems....and is better to add weak acids like lemon/lime juice to make an attempt at running a bit more alkaline. It's really a subject you shouldn't get me started on or I'll have you bored to tears in no time! A few months is the short answer....and depends what else you are eating??? The easiest way to tell is when all the plaque starts falling off your teeth....... you know your system will be more alkaline.

Author:  Hori [ Wed 08 Sep, 2010 7:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Stuffed Knee

How is your knee now Frank ?

as i posted up in this thread months ago i did mine few years back.. But it is gone again Re Torn.. but there not sure if in same spot , this time they put me in a compression splint for swealing and to stop leg moving which causes swealling i think..and will investigate further next wed ..Mri ??

atm im doing 2 trips a week to hospital 1 for hand and now 1 for knee, knee is worse atm Pain wise, im gunna look into that stuff Donna Mentioned Dan also told me bout it yesterday..

problem now is finding hard to walk at all cause i have stretched calf muscles..forgive me for spelling but u know what i mean..

Mrs hates me guts again and hand specialist says 2 fingures need time as hand was smashed bad...

maybe i go live with Simon gets sum f king peace n free drugs!!!!

old thread draged up but im in bed bored fn shitless

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